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About 4 Bar K

Inside Four Bar K origins: A Rustic West Texas Atmosphere

What used to be Tommy’s Place was turned into Inside Four Bar K in December 1991, and the old concept of “Jug Little’s Friday” was transformed into Friday Lunch, a weekly Southern BBQ buffet served every Friday. Chuck Kershner transformed the 6,500 square-foot building of Tommy’s Place into a rustic and elegant West Texas backdrop for wedding receptions and reunions. Packed to the brim with West Texas historical artifacts, this three-level building took its visitors to a different place in time.

On October 21, 2002, this building was tragically lost to a horrific fire and all of its artifacts were destroyed. However, 4 Bar K was far from over. Chuck and his crew utilized their other buildings to keep every party already booked, with the exception of one, and missed only one Friday Lunch during reconstruction!

A piece of West Texas history

In May 2003, what was once a 6,500 square-foot building became a 13,000 square-foot building, nearly doubling its former size. Featuring a huge basement level that serves as a new dance floor, a facility that used to seat 225 people now accommodates 450. Frequent patrons of 4 Bar K donated artifacts to restore the rustic ambiance, including stuffed dear heads, pot belly stoves and exotic wild life from Chuck’s hunting trip to Africa.

Friday lunch continues to be served each and every week. The buffet features smoked brisket and sausage, as well as a variety of delicious homemade Southern sides. Private bookings are booked far into the future for this small piece of West Texas history.

Bringing cowboy flair and “shabby chic” to your next event

At 4 Bar K, private parties are made simple, elegant and enjoyable for both the party host and their guests. Owned and operated by Texas Tech alumni for 32 years, Chuck and his staff make simplicity and hassle-free event planning our number one priority.

Four Bar K delights in the fact that it is one of the only remaining facilities to offer a B.Y.O.B policy. This means no issues with returning items after the party, and no deposits or huge tabs to pay at the end of the night. You provide the alcohol and we hire the bartender for you! We can also accommodate a cash bar, if needed. **Note: Can NOT have both.** Bring a little bit of West Texas flair to your next gathering, a little rustic elegance to your next reception and a bit of cowboy flair and “shabby chic” to your next event.